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Unknown Bones

I spend a fair bit of time hiking and camping (though not as much as I would like). It is not uncommon on my treks into the wilderness--or even in my urban stomping ground--to come across bones; squirrel skulls, deer jawbones, vole bones. Life leaves us wherever it chooses. Sometimes it leaves our bones on a trail or a path, or buried deep in a wood never to be found. 

After starting my Foragery series, I started to think about the natural, organic world through the lens of fiction. I kept coming to the milky-white remains of life. You can tell so much by bones; how long someone lived, if they lived in feast or famine, what bone-grinding labor they did, and what finally ended them. I wanted to create fictitious skulls of creatures for which only pure imagination was possible in constructing their lives. The only clue: each skull starts with an organic piece from the natural world. Beyond that, the rest is unknown fiction.

Clay, paint, nuts, seeds, shells, rocks, wood


Untitled Skull One

Crab claw and clay, 2020


Untitled Skull Two

Coral and clay, 2020

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